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  Last saturday I had the honor of participating in the Firefighter OPS 101 Training. The program is designed to give the participants a taste of the day in the life of a Firefighter. By the end of the day I was exhausted. Did you know that the gear that they wear to go into a fire weighs about 45lbs this includes the air pack. This gear is worn on all calls. It cost approx. $10,000 dollars to outfit one firefighter and is designed to last approximately 10 years. Can you imagine wearing only one suit, outfit or scrubs every day that you work? We can do better.

Thank you to the Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Fighters for the excellent learning experience and for keeping our communities safe.

Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality”- this is something I said frequently when I was on the Board of Education. It help to remind myself as well as others that it was imperative that before we made decision, that we had ensured through various means of communication that information was shared and that the public had an opportunity to provide input.
As I have watched our local politics over the years it seems as if there is a disconnect between the average citizen and our elected leaders.
I believe it is important to foster more openness and communication with the residents of District 3. I will work to elicit more input on decisions that will affect the community as well as the county.

AVID Northeast Debra Ritchie