Support our public schools by funding:

  • Highly qualified and appropriately compensated educators
  • Lower class sizes
  • Increase accessibility to counselors and mental health support
  • Evidence-based programs that address gaps in learning
  • Early interventions for differently abled as well as highly abled



Ensure we all have a safe place to call home by funding:

  • Highly qualified and appropriately compensated police and fire personnel
  • Safe and secure schools
  • Secure entrances to all public buildings
  • Technology that enhances security
  • Appropriate staffing for police, fire and corrections that meets the needs of the county, using performance based approach and/ or national recommended standards
  • Well-developed recruitment and retention plans


Pass legislation that encourages:
• Well-maintained roads engineered for an appropriate capacity
• Vibrant locally owned and operated businesses that meet community needs
• Review of small area plans to help guide General Development Plan
• Smart and sustainable growth with public input in the planning
• Infrastructure that keeps pace with development
• Affordable workforce housing
• Incentives for revitalization


Protect the environment by:

• Maintaining clean waterways
• Providing public access to water andother natural resources
• Enforcing current laws / regulationsfor reforestation secondary to development
• Planting trees that promote filtration andprevent soil erosion